Motorcycle Accident Statistics are Surprising to Most San Diego Residents

Just about every man or woman that rides a motorcycle knows very well that the occurrence of crashes is just a part of reality that goes along with the territory of riding. However, a lot of the motorcycle accident statistics are often still surprising to a vast majority of San Diego residents. Most people know that accidents involving a motorcycle can occur at any given time day or night, but there are very few people that actually know about some of the detailed statistics in regards to motorcycle accidents. To list just a few of these statistics would include the following:

  • Victims suffering from serious injury or even death is the result that happens in as many as 80% of all motorcycle accidents every year.
  • The risk of a rider being involved in a fatal motorcycle accident is as much as 35 times higher than that of a person that is traveling in a passenger vehicle.
  • The occurrence of fatality accidents that involve a motorcycle increase significantly during the nighttime. Out of all motorcycle accidents that occur each year, as many as 60 percent of them happen during the late evening and nighttime hours.
  • Out of all the motorcycle accidents that happen every year, it has been found that speeding is an issue that is involved in almost half of them.
  • Although many people believe weather is one of the issues that is responsible for a lot of motorcycle accidents, statistics show that only 2 percent of all motorcycle accidents that happen each year involve elements of the weather.

Serious bodily injury and the loss of life is a very real problem that numerous victims and their families wind up facing each and every year. A vast majority of the injuries a victim frequently suffers in serious motorcycle accidents are accompanied with numerous hospital bills. As the cost associated with most any type of medical care and attention has continued to rise, unexpected bills like this can actually cripple the condition of a victim’s finances, and in a hurry.

Motorcycle accident statistics are surprising to most San Diego residents, and this is especially true when a member of their family becomes a number added to the current statistics from being involved in a tragic motorcycle accident. When you find yourself or one of your loved ones in this situation, you will want to consult a motorcycle accident attorney of San Diego that has the experience and knowledge required to protect your rights and make certain you receive compensation in amounts that are due you. We are active in assisting injured victims in all California cities and can be contacted at: 620 Newport Center Dr, Suite 1100 Newport Beach, CA 92660 (949) 891-0278.

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